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News Story: March Theater Preview

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Cassandra Miller's preview of must-see live theater (in Baltimore Fishbowl) features 3 exciting choices in The Core, in March. They are all in neighborhoods with great dining and bar/club options nearby. (I.e.— make a night of it, here in The Core!)

On March 7 ArtsCentric, will debut its revival of the Age of Aquarius classic that rocked the 1960s, and changed musical theater forever: Hair - The Musical, at their new space at 2600 N. Howard St. in our Remington neighborhood. It will run through April 5

Later in the month, on March 20, Truepenny Collective will debut a new play about a dystopian future where journalists are disappearing, and hypnotherapy is the medicine of choice: Close Your Eyes And Sleep, will run at The Mercury Theater, at 1823 N Charles St, in our Charles North neighborhood through April 7.

Already open (and well-reviewed) is The First Thing That Happens! at The Voxel theater on 9 W. 25th Street, on the northern edge of our Old Goucher neighborhood. This new opera-esque theater piece is a collaboration between The Acme Corporation and avant rockers Horse Lords. It will run through March 1. So you had better hurry up!

Here's a link to the Baltimore Fishbowl article.…/31-theater-shows-to-see-in…/.

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