Arts  /  September 8, 2018

News Story: Central Baltimore Movie Palace Shines Again

Parkway calendar .jpg

Preservation Magazine raves about the restoration of the historic SNF Parkway Theater, home of the Maryalnd Film Festival.

According to the article: "When the Parkway opened in 1915, it was one of the grandest theaters in town. Designed by local architect Oliver Wight and operated by Henry W. Webb’s Northern Amusement Company, it was patterned after London’s West End Theatre and the Strand Theatre in New York. Newspapers at the time talked about how elegant it was with its marble lobby, Louis XIV–style interiors, and mezzanine-level tea room that boasted 'dainty tea tables, writing desks, and maids in attendance.' The theater screened silent films—the first was Zaza, starring Pauline Frederick, accompanied by a top-of-the-line Moller organ.

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