Restaurants  /  July 18, 2019

Core Story: Visit Koreatown during Artscape

Korean artscape for website.jpg

We went to Koreatown (which cuts across our Charles North, and Old Goucher, neighborhoods), because we're doing some posts to remind people that A) there is (in effect) a year round indoor arts/food fest in the storefronts in, and around, @artscapebmore, and B) to remind you of places you can go to cool off without interrupting your Artscaping. In the first picture, is Joung Kak restaurant, also known as Jong Kak. Next up is Nam Kang Hof sports Bar, just down the street from Nam Kang Korean Restaurant. Both of the restaurants are legendary. Check Yelp. In our final pic is a map that includes most of the Asian restaurants in the Koreatown area, including those serving Chinese, Indian food, etc. and also a couple of other places (not exactly sure where we got this map, but it's pretty informative). To see that map go to the third pic in our Instagram post.

The extent of Asian food available in The Core is not that well known, Artscape is a good chance to find out more about it. Only in The Core, start exploring!

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