Restaurants  /  July 17, 2019

Core Story: ​The Two Wise Men of North Avenue

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Although The Core's Charles North neighborhood has a great arts and nightlife tradition that goes back before any of us can remember, with remaining (or restored) institutions like Club Charles, The Charles Theater, and The SNF Parkway / Maryland Film Festival dating back more than half a century, there were some pretty dry years. Then, after the creation of the Station North Arts and Entertainment District (which also includes other neighborhoods), a few pioneers opened new venues on, or near, North Avenue, featuring food, beverages, art, and performances. This was way before Artscape made it up this way. (It used to end at Mt. Royal Avenue.)

We're doing some posts to remind people that A) there is (in effect) a year round indoor arts fest in the storefronts you walk by when you're visiting Artscape, and B) to remind you of places you can go to cool off without interrupting your Artscaping. So, today, we are spotlighting these two wise men of North Avenue who made a risky, but wise, gamble on this area. Thanks, Joe Edwardsen of Joe Squared, and Kevin Brown, (who with partner William “Bill” Maughlin), brought us SNAC, and now Nancy by SNAC, for the great times -- food/fun/art/music etc. -- you have brought to this corner of the Core since the early part of this Century, and for creating two great places to take a break from the 100 degree heat this weekend at Artscape.

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