Brick & Mortar  /  May 22, 2019

Core Story: The Core's oldest office building is still going strong!

walbert for Website.jpg

Although there are a lot of offices here, The Core doesn't have too many dedicated office buildings. That's because there are quite a few mixed-use spaces. For instance, our offices are in the beautiful Centre Theater, right next to our friends @jubileebaltimore, the same fine folks who redeveloped that landmark. Upstairs, there, are classrooms and production facilities for the JHU-MICA@film_centre.

We used to work in The Walbert Building though, (seen here) and it's a beauty too. Originally created as a luxury apartment building, with plans going all the way back to 1907, and completion in 1930. However, nobody we know can remember anything but offices there. Whenever there's a crazy weather affect in Baltimore, there are always some great clouds behind The Walbert Building, as was the case when we took this a few days ago. If you ever been on Charles Street, walking between Penn Station and North Avenue, you have passed the building, but this shot was taken from Maryland Avenue.

Only in The Core, keep exploring!

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