Shopping  /  April 19, 2020

Core Story: The Core's Milk and Honey expands grocery selections during the crisis

Milk and honey for web.jpg

We were walking by Milk & Honey Market (at the Nelson Kohl Apartments ) in our Charles North neighborhood (StationNorth A&E District), with our wide angle lens, and we couldn't resist taking a picture. By the way, like many Core cafes, Milk & Honey is still open for business, and you can order their carryout menu online (including their renowned cafe menu and, of course, coffee/kombucha/ tea & smoothies), while scheduling a pickup time. In addition, we noticed a lot of grocery items, including some great looking fruit, that isn't on their online menu, with plenty of social distance available for shoppers (as you can see from the shot it's quite a broad storefront). Only in The Core, keep exploring (safely)!

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