Arts  /  February 27, 2020

Core Story: The Core's Kitty Corner, where art and cats meet

Kitty Cat  Corner  For Website.jpg

We recently discovered that sunset is a great time to look at outdoor sculpture. And that was evidenced again when we walked by this metal cat by Dominic Terlizzi, on Remington Avenue. It’s in front of a house on the northern edge of our Remington neighborhood, next to Wyman Park Drive. If you’re trying to locate it, there’s a large, and equally lovely, cat mural by Gaia on the other side of the house. We assume they are both a tribute to the same beloved neighborhood feline. We also assume that it’s a tribute to the neighborhood itself — note the R shape (reversed from this angle) in the cat’s arched back that echoes the massive Remington R, also the work of sculptor Dominic Terlizzi, and exist thanks to the efforts of GRIA (the Greater Remington Improvement Association). For the cat, they got some help from the same spiffy organization that gave birth to Explore The Core – The Central Baltimore Partnership, via their Spruce-Up program (supported by Johns Hopkins and Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development). When it debuted in 2018 (before the oxidation process that reflected so dazzlingly in the twilight, the other night), GRIA also gave a shoutout (on Facebook) to “neighbor Mary Hardcastle for dedicating so much effort to this project” and Baltimore City “Rec and Parks for donating and placing the stone base.” Only in The Core, keep exploring!

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