Shopping  /  February 11, 2020

Core Story: The Core is a tonsorial paradise

old Market Barbers for website.jpg

We were walking by Old Market Barbers (201 Lorraine Avenue in our Remington neighborhood) and got the strange impression that the crazy kid in their mural was about to take off with the scooters somebody parked in front. The sudden Barbershop consciousness, got us thinking about all the extra special grooming that's about to come up as a result of Valentine's Day. So we though we ought to remind you that The Core is an absolute Mecca for tonsorial splendor. Just a few blocks away from here, on and near the 2100 block of Charles Street (where Charles North meets Old Goucher) there are more than a dozen locations to get your hair and nails done and/or buy hair and nail products. And there are numerous other great opportunities in all our 10 neighborhoods to find a place that will help you look your Valentine's best.

Only The Core, keep exploring!

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