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Core Story: Thanks to 32nd Street Farmer's Market vendors for braving the elements

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Thank you, vendors at The 32nd Street FarmersMarket — it's time for a shout out!

Thanks for hanging in there all winter. Though it's been relatively mild this year, we know from experience, that when you're doing a day's work outside with temperatures around the freezing mark — "mild" is not the word that comes to mind.

While other farmers markets in B'more shut down during the winter months, this Saturday get-together, where our Abell neighborhood meets the @waverlymainst, is open all year round. We popped by a few times in freezing February, to get some great veggies and fruit, and are happy to report they were as tasty as ever. Nor did the cold negatively impact the market's amazing assortment of vendors. If anything, we saw a broader variety of sellers than ever. Everything from bagels, to books, to rugs were available. Even the market's musicians were there as always, miraculously moving their frozen fingers with Paganini-like dexterity, Back in February, the twin stars of groundhog prediction (Puxatawney Phil and Staten Island Chuck) aligned in predicting an early Spring. So, here's hoping. And thanks again, vendors, for giving us a reason to head out Saturday morning during the frigid season, when we'd otherwise be tempted to stay under the covers.

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