Restaurants  /  December 27, 2019

Core Story: Somethin' Fresh and Juice Works bring award-winning taste to Harwood!

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Now we know what all the fuss is about!

We were on Greenmount Avenue in our Harwood neighborhood a couple of days ago, and we dropped in on Somethin Fresh Goods and Juice Works LLC, who have teamed up in one restaurant, to offer a fantastic (and innovative) selection of delicious wraps, salads, tacos, bowls and fresh juice drinks that are as healthy as they are tasty! We made a point of stopping in, after hearing that their combined efforts were just celebrated by the Central Baltimore Partnership (whose many great works include sponsoring this page) in their annual Honor Roll fest. Only one fantastic new happening per neighborhood is honored each year. So Somethin Fresh, and Juice Works combined effort was the sole recipient from Harwood to make the list, and also the only eatery in Central Baltimore selected. Now we know why! Everything was delicious and you don't have to take our word for it, because they also have free samples available. When we there, they were handing out tasting sizes of juice (freshly squeezed mixed pineapple, apple and orange) and vegan seafood pasta salad (sounds wacky, but it was awesome)! It's a bright, cheerful, and spotless place, that was being maintained when we there by young restaurateur Kaylin (on a holiday break from her studies), who cleans with a thoroughness and attention to detail we have previously observed only in grandmothers! (Gordon Ramsay watch out!) Standing next to Kaylin, in the picture on the left is the proud proprietor of Somethin Fresh Goods, Debonette Wyatt, who with Jerrod Lewis, and Ajah Doswell of Juice Works LLC have brought this great new enterprise to The Core!

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