Shopping  /  January 9, 2019

Core Story: R. House markets are more than a place to buy things

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Aside from featuring great local products (and often free entertainment), the various markets at R. House (in our Remington hood) are a great way to make new friends, as we noticed these two youngsters doing a little while ago. And what better time to make a friend then just a few days before Valentine's Day at The Nevermore: A Baltimore Inspired Valentine's Market. As with many R. House markets, proceeds from this Valentine's market support a non-profit. In this case, Women's Advocacy Coalition: Baltimore, an organization that, among other accomplishments, "has collected over 145,000 menstrual hygiene products for homeless, low income, incarcerated, or otherwise in need women in the Baltimore area.distributed." BTW, (if you're interested), they are still adding vendors for this event. (…)

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