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Core Story: Personal and world history meet in The Core on December 7th

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On this day, December 7th, almost eight decades ago, in 1941, a young man walked from his home in Charles Village and saw a movie at the Boulevard Theater, here on Greenmount Avenue (also known as the Waverly Main Street) on the border of our Abell neighborhood. As he left the theater, the young man heard newsies shouting "extra, extra, read all about it!" They were hawking newspapers containing a momentous breaking story – Pearl Harbor had been attacked! Every sentient adult within hearing distance knew what would happen next. The US would enter into the largest military conflict in the history of the world, now known as "World War 2."

Miraculously, (despite doning a uniform not long after), that (once young) man and the ancient Boulevard Theater are still around. Though, both show signs of aging.

Based on the experience of the other movie palaces in The Core (like The Centre and the SNF Parkway), we're sure The Boulevard will be looking youthful once again. As for the young (now old) man, he is this Core Explorer's father, so we can tell you from first-hand experience, he's hanging in there.

Only in The Core, keep exploring!

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