Restaurants  /  December 20, 2019

Core Story: New North Ave. Market impresarios have big plans for the New Year

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Are Ryan Haase (Head Honcho at StillPointe Theatre) and Émile Joseph Weeks (Head Ritualist at Rituals: Bar & Venue) as serious about the holiday season and the new year as they look? Even more so! The two newest emprasarios of the North Ave. Market complex are committed to making this holiday season and next year live forever in Core memory! And they start by kicking things off with a collaboration on The Nightmare Before Christmas kiki. Then Rituals will be prepping for its New Years eve Gala -- A Prince Tribute: 2020 Revolution. that will feature a dozen genre-exploding Prince doppelgangers from Jana Hunter to Ami Dang. It's just the start of an amazing year of music programming. Meanwhile Stillepoint will finish its work on a whole new theater space during that time. And they will have to work fast, because their first show "POP: Who Shot Andy Warhol," is opening January 16. In case you're wondering, the new Stillepoint space is at the furthest end of the market complex from Rituals, on Maryland Avenue in the building behind the colorful mural.

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