Arts  /  April 30, 2020

Core Story: Mural mecca amidst the roaring traffic of The Core's Greenmount Avenue

Robot for web.jpg

Though by no means the most beautiful street in our Harwood and Abell neighborhoods, the bustling stretch of Greenmount Avenue that runs through there has some fantastic murals. We were exploring yesterday, and taking pictures. We thought we would post some of the brightly colored murals that people often spot as they're driving down this heavily trafficked road. But it seemed kind of incongruous with the gloomy weather today, so we turned instead to this decidedly uncheerful, but nonetheless unforgettable, broken robot, by @pixelpancho. The internationally renowned artist, from Italy, has explained his interest in depicting ruined machinery this way, "My interest in robots, androids and all machine-like creatures derives from the thought that men are heroes that project on these machines their desire for immortality.... [They] reflect my radical disappointment in human beings. My art reflects this disappointment and the creation of my decaying robots reveal these thoughts." (The quotes are from a 2016 interview he did with @culturalweekly.) Although the artist has done a bunch of murals in Baltimore, we're not sure how it came to be here, on the side of a building on the 2600 block of Greenmount Avenue. But one thing's for sure — it's in good mural company around there.

Keep exploring (safely)!

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