Brick & Mortar  /  February 28, 2020

Core Story: Jacqui Lampell — the cheerful dynamo who launched Explore The Core

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In 2016, one of the most respected, and beloved, figures in Baltimore Public Relations got an offer she couldn't refuse. The Central Baltimore Partnership asked her to head the launch of The Explore The Core campaign. Her name was Jacqueline Lampell, and yesterday (February, 27) a memorial service was held in her honor In The Core, at the Baltimore Museum of Art. If you read the Baltimore Sun story in the link below, you'll get an idea of all she did, and how many lives she touched, before she excepted the short-term assignment to get Explore The Core off the ground. But unless you sat across a desk from Jacqui -- or chased after her at a 4-neighborhood event, where (balloons in one hand, bullhorn in the other), she converted a group of idlers into Core Explorers, with shouts of "explore the core, explore the core! Get on the bus" -- it would be hard to get a full understanding of the cheerful dynamo she was. Maybe this photo we took at the final stop of the launch tour will help you get the picture. That's Jacqui on the far left (balloons and bullhorn still in hand) admiring the tabling skills of (Explore The Core Marketing Campaign Coordinator) Jessica Josey. To learn more about Jacqui, and all she did in (and for) Baltimore, here's the Sun story.

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