Arts  /  February 20, 2020

Core Story: Introducing The Voxel Theater

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Where is The Voxel Theater? That's what a lot of people been asking us, lately. Located on the northern border of our Old Goucher neighborhood, The Voxel is The Core's newest theater. And, it's actually pretty hard to miss. The building's 8000 square foot of space, are located on 25th street, right off our main-est of main drags, Charles Street. It seems that a lot of people have passed by without realizing what they were looking at because, by day (before its knock-your-socks-off exterior lighting comes on), The Voxel seems more like a tech hub, or some other kind of redevelopment of an old theater building. And, in fact, it is a kind of tech hub by day. Figure 53, the Baltimore-based software company that redeveloped the space, specializes in software products for theater productions. So, during business hours, they use it for a teaching center and research lab for products like QLab -- a sound, video and lighting control for macOS, that is "used by everyone from SITI Company to Lincoln Center." BTW, The Voxel's debut production, The First Thing That Happens, just a got great review in B'more Art. It's a modernist music/theater/opera hybrid that is a collaboration between theater troop, The The Acme Corporation, and musicians, Horse Lords.

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