Arts  /  August 18, 2019

Core Story: Historic church attracts architecture buffs to The Core

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The Lovely Lane church is not in Lovely Lane, which no longer exists.

Probably the name remains because of original church's place in history. It was there that the Methodist denomination was born. Methodism's founder John Wesley was an Englishman, who had intended to remain under the rubric of the Church of England, and it was not until entreaties from Baltimore that he signed off on a desire to break away. That was back in 1784. About a hundred years later, the church's pastor, Dr. John Goucher, hired the most famous architect of the 19th century, Stanford White, to design this building in the neighborhood now known as Old Goucher, on 22nd Street and St Pauls. This magnificent structure is as beautiful on the inside, as it is on the outside, and is visited by many simply because of the architecture.

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