Restaurants  /  October 18, 2019

Core Story: Having a little coffee on the side at Open Works

vent coffe open works for website.jpg

If you don't recognise this building, you are missing out on something. This is the Greenmount Coffee Lab (Thread Coffee Roasters) entrance of Open Works Baltimore, the makerspace at 1400 Greenmount Avenue. This is the view on Greenmount, right across from the cemetery. Usually people enter the building from the front,which is visible from East Oliver Street, but is actually just off tiny Belvidere Street. You don't have to be an Openworks member, working on your latest 3D laser project (or whatever), to walk into the building from any direction, and get a great coffee (or tea) drink, or tasty treat. You do have to go when Open Works is open, though. Thus the Coffee Lab doesn't have regular coffee shop hours. It's open 7:30-6 Monday-Friday 9:30-3:30 Saturday.

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