Shopping  /  January 29, 2019

Core Story: Hampden's Loss is The Core's Gain!

True vine for website.jpg

Hampden's Loss is The Core's Gain! Today this turntable was being packed away for future use at 1827 Charles Street -- the soon to be home of the legendary record store, The True Vine. Owner, Jason Willet told us he was excited about the move to our Charles North hood. The new store will have one large room, instead of the current two, and has some interesting features including a phone booth that might see duty as a record booth (listening station). He is thinking it will take a month, or so, to be up and running. If you aren't familiar with The True Vine, it's the amazing eclecticism of the music there, and the one of a kind items, that makes it special. They don't just help you find what you want, they will help you FIND OUT what you want, by turning you on to stuff you never knew existed. If you are familiar with the store and want to help them smooth over this rough patch, and make the move, they have a GoFundMe page.

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