Brick & Mortar  /  October 23, 2019

Core Story: Core builder – Congressman Elijah Cummings

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Congressman Elijah Cummings is lying in state today in Baltimore, at Morgan State University. Most of The Core is in his district and we've taken a lot of photographs of him over the years. They show a different side than the images in media coverage of the sad news, last week. The Congressman dealt with some of the most troubling issues in our nation and that gravity was reflected in the clips of him addressing those issues. But with the exception of a few times we witnessed him forcefully advocating for improvements at Penn Station -- the Congressman we saw was (inevitably) close to a shovel, or a ribbon, and had a smile as big as the empty lot that was about to be transformed. We were reminded of that today, when we walked by the Nelson Kohl building. So we dug out this photograph of the groundbreaking. (Also in this picture are Mayors Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and Jack Young, "The Wire" star Wendell Pierce and other notables.)

We realize that Congressman Cummings has done a lot more important things in his life than the stuff that we cover at Explore The Core. But, as you walk through the Core, and see some of the amazing things that have happened to important spaces that needed a lot of help, it's worth remembering that he was there so many times, with his smile, and his shovel, and whatever leverage he could bring to bear on the Federal Government, to push things forward and make The Core a better place to be in.

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