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Core Story: chilling to the timeless at St. Johns in the Village

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A lot of us try to clean up our act in January, but gyms aren't the answer for everyone. Some people are better off chilling to the timeless, rather than sweating to the oldies. And If you are looking for a good, clean, endorphin rush, there's nothing like a heavenly choir. So if you're in The Core on Saturday January 5, at 7PM, head to St. John’s in the Village and get your buzz on. The Women of St John’s Choir will be providing a free concert there. Prior to the singing, from 5:30-7pm, St. John’s will be holding an Open (to all) House and it’s a great chance to see the recently restored interior, a project executed by J. Pope Studios that took years and has had fantastic results. The parish of Saint John's in the Village was established before this part of Greenmount Avenue was the dividing line between our Abell hood and Waverly, and before it was part of Baltimore City. As you climb up St. John’s stone path, and go past its pre-civil war cemetery, you feel like you’ve left the City and 21st Century behind. It could be great way to ease yourself into the first weekend of the New Year.

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