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Core Story: Bugs Bunny and Giorgio Armani collide at The Core’s Get Shredded

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In case you haven’t noticed, the construction finally ended on St. Pauls Street in The Core’s Charles Village neighborhood. It’s easy to drive and park there now, So we headed over to Get Shredded Vintage to finally take a look inside at the storefront that has intrigued us for so long.

Like us, you may have seen the mannequins and clothes outside Get Shredded on 31st Street (3101 St Paul St, Rear) and wondered who exactly put them there. It seems sort of like an art installation, and in a way it is. But you could also think of it as a window display, without the window. The installation-art aspect doesn't go away when you enter Get Shredded. There's an immediate impression that you've entered another world. It's welcoming and well lit ­­­­-- surprisingly so, for a store that's a couple of steps below ground level. We literally paused for a second just to take it all in. Light streamed inside, and created a warm orange glow against the walls, that contrasted with the blue, green and purple of wall details and mid-century furnishings.

Bright Bugs Bunny t-shirts share the shop with black silk Armani Dresses. US. Navy denim coveralls, (from the 1940s) and other monochromatic men’s clothing, somehow don’t seem out of place with multi-colored striped terry cloth and crocheted womens clothing from the 1970s. The vibe is simultaneously serious and whimsical -- eclectic and yet the product of a singular vision. Somehow, Sara Autrey, the owner, and, one might say, curator -- has a created a mix that has the proverbial something for everyone, without ever having to deviate from her own sense of style. If you talk to her, you get a sense of why. Like Walt Whitman, she “contains multitudes.” For instance, the store’s title “Get Shredded” is a reference to the cranked up guitar playing she reveled in after coming to Baltimore (from VA) to join the music scene here, but she also has spent most of her life taking ballet classes “for fun.” Similarly, with eight decades of clothing represented in the store, it’s obvious Sara has a passion for the past, but she’s also something of a futurist. As you can imagine, the road construction was absolutely crushing to her business, and it hasn’t recovered yet. But she isn’t dwelling on it. Sara’s got plans for some street events next year that will get out the word that Charles Village is open for business again.

If you’re reading this, you don’t need a street festival to find out. And Get Shredded is a great choice for last minute holiday presents. Whether you’re Christmas shopping for the cowpoke, drag performer (some of her best customers), fashionista, or regular Jo/e in your life – you’d have plenty to choose from here. (You can get an idea from her Etsy store Prices have a similar width and breadth. You can spend a few bucks or more than a few; or just take a look and have a little serious fun, for free.

Our local shops, and their unique merchandise are a big part of what make The Core worth exploring. Please support them in these last few days in 2019!

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