Arts  /  July 21, 2019

Core Story: Bmore BarCrazy thrills Artscape

bmore bar crazy for website.jpg

They call themselves Bmore BarCrazy. We saw them at Artscape at UB's Gordon Plaza. And when you see what they are doing in the next picture in 100 degree heat, you understand the crazy part. But it seems like their madness or (just their pure joy in calisthenics) is infectious, because they got numerous crowd members (not us!) to join in the fun (3 and 4 pic). According to Bmore BarCrazy: "At the most basic level, calisthenics is resistance training with your own bodyweight. It is an art form of using your own bodyweight as a means to maximize human power and athletic ability. No gym No problem Just get moving!" And they give demonstrations throughout the city to preach this gospel. Only a few more hours left at Artscape. Only in The Core, keep exploring!

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