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Core Story: 4 decades on — Pearson's Florist still has new beauty to be discovered

pearsons for website.jpg

Though we've passed Pearson's Florist on the corner of Charles and North, (see second pic) thousands of times, we discovered something new yesterday. With Valentine's Day coming up, we paid extra attention, and for the first time we noticed this gargoyle underneath the bay window (first pic). So out came our trusty point-and-shoot camera.

Vander Pearson (the proprietor) Is something of a legend in The Core. He has been there for decades, and harkens back to a time before the dominance of big box stores and online sales, when retailers were valued for their distinct personalities, and inventory. Besides the fabulous assortment of flowers, merchandise, and arrangements available in Pearson's, the store has long been celebrated for its convivial macaws, who are commonly understood to snack on chili peppers. And among other claims to fame, Pearson's was featured in a memorable scene in The Wire. If he isn't already, Mr. Pearson should be an inspiration for the latest crop of retailers in the Core -- who are bringing a great assortment of unique merchandise, and locally created products -- because, clearly, the key to his longevity is that he always did it his way. No large scale retailer could ever compete with that -- on Valentine's Day, or all year round!

Only in The Core, keep exploring!

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