Why Explore the Core?

Anything anyone could ever love about city life exists in Central Baltimore! The Explore the Core initiative was designed to make it easier to find what you love here! It was created to guide both residents and newcomers through the amazing assets of the 10 distinct neighborhoods that form the living, breathing, heart of Baltimore City!

Use Explore the Core to find the events that are important to you in here in Charm City's art, music, food, theater, and transportation hub; and learn more about the people of Central Baltimore and the unprecedented renaissance they have created. Then, if you would like to become one of them, Explore the Core can help connect you to the vast array of housing options available.

But the basic goal of this initiative is simply to get everybody to see this wonderful place in person, instead of just online! So put down your phone, put on your walking shoes, and Explore the Core: Central Baltimore!

Who Created Explore the Core?

All the activity that you see on this Explore the Core website was created by the energy and creativity of the people of Central Baltimore. This campaign to show it to the world, began as a collaboration between The Central Baltimore Partnership (working on behalf of its 100+ Partners) and Johns Hopkins University (who also supplied the initial funding), with help from MGH, and Strong City Baltimore. Currently, Explore the Core is an effort of the Central Baltimore Partnership.

Content for the Explore the Core website (still photography and copywriting) launch was created by Edward Weiss Words and Pictures. Content for this site, and Explore the Core social media is managed by the Central Baltimore Partnership.

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